Infratrainer Workout

Infratrainer is a mix of a low impact and high intensity cardio training machine surrounded by an infrared sauna. This 2 in 1 experience takes you to the next level in fitness. A heat source - INFRA-HEAT - combined with an intensive cycling exercise, gives you the ability to burn 600 - 850 calories in a 50 minute session to help detoxify, increase your immune system and boost metabolic rates.

The Infratrainer is the result of years of research and development in the fields of healthy metabolism and effective weight loss. Training with the Infratrainer is easy on the joints and is for any body shape. 


Before and After:

  1. Please arrive 10 min prior to your sessions at all times. This will give you enough time to get changed and cream up. 

  2. Make sure you have something to eat an hour or two prior to your session. We will provide electrolytes before and through your session for your convenience.

  3. Please be considerate (30 minutes max)  of using the changing rooms and shower facilities to allow us enough time to prepare for the next appointment. 

  4. Make sure you drink plenty of water after you before, during and after your session. 


Keep these 5 things in mind to ensure success

1. Resting pulse rate :

It’s important, since you can only make sure you are training in a fat burning zone.

2. 2,5 – 3 liters of water a day :

It is very important, since the dissolved toxins can only leave the body if you drink enough. Consuming less water will make you feel tired and stressed. And another thing: by water we mean water, not coke, milk, soup, etc.

3. 4-5 carefully chosen meals a day :

It’s important to avoid starving, which would unnecessarily slow down the quickened metabolism.

4. 3 times a week :

Regularity is important ! Once you take the time to rest will go easily, because training with Infratrainer is pleasant.

5. If you reached your goal :

One session a week can keep your body in balance. This will help avoiding yoyo effect as well as starting over the training from time to time.

Based on experience the expected effect of 10 - 15 sessions is a weight loss of 3-8 kg.